Food An extraordinary thing happened to me in the Subway tonight at tea time. Nowhere else in the vicinity of the cinema is really open at that time of night, and even though everything about the food is wrong, I ordered up a six inch chicken and ham with mayo. Paid for it. Then realised I wanted a drink. The clerk had disappeared into the back.
"Excuse me?" I said.
He appeared.
"Can I take a coke?" I asked.
"Help yourself." He said. I took a small cup waiting for him to ring it up on the till.
He walked away. Back into the back.
I watched him go. I looked at the cup. I walked over to the dispenser. I filled the cup. I sat down. More people arrived. They were being served and there I am with this full cup of (flat) Pepsi I hadn't paid for.

Free Pepsi. No apparent reason. Let's just say that this combined with a multitude of other things which have happened today have seriously freaked me out. If anyone else feels like reality is caving in on them, please let me know ...

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