I wasn't feeling at all rock and roll yesterday, hence the post below which I refuse to delete on the grounds that to do so would re-write history and that's the sort of thing they do in communist regimes. Today was -- better. I managed to get through work with mostly the minimum of fuss. Sometimes the monotony of my workplace really helps because I don't have to take things home with me. The seven hours I sleep, the nine hours I spend on the work thing and the other ten hours are up for grabs. Which is lucky because the Buffy: Season Seven boxset was released today, looking all green and healthy. So here is an entirely gratuitous picture of Willow ...

Congratulations to Chris who backed the first and second place horses on Saturday in the Grand National and managed to bring in £125. Mum also picked the third place and made a fiver which is the most any of us have made ever. Sadly neither of my horses warranted even a mention in the commentary, although I'm satisfield that my choice the 100-1 shot 'The Bunny Boiler' is out somewhere making some male horse's life a misery.

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