Music I think the following speaks for itself:
"In a pre-planned, live sketch last night at The 2004 JUNO Awards, Canada's music awards, host Alanis Morissette made light of the recent Super Bowl controversy in the United States when she "exposed" herself on Canadian television. The songstress appeared on stage in a robe and stated that Canadians "live in a land where we still think the human body is beautiful and we're not afraid of the female breast."

She removed her robe to reveal a comical nude body suit with cartoonish nipples and pubic hair. To wild applause, Morissette stated that "I am proud to be able to stand here and do this." Morissette continued her playfullness and removed her "tear-away" nipples and pubic hair when the in-house announcer advised that "we can't show nipples on national TV...and you can't show your pubic hair either."
Can I also point out that the line-up for the JUNO awards "Avril Lavigne, Sarah McLachlan, Nelly Furtado, Michael Buble, Nickelback, Simple Plan and Barenaked Ladies" sounds as though someone decided to make a live version of my CD collection? [The BBC have a photo]

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