Life That day, that day. What a mess what a marvel. I walked into that cloud again and I lost myself, and I'm sad, sad, sad small, alone, scared, craving purity a fragile mind and a gentle spirit. That day, that day. What a marvellous mess, this is all that I can do, I'm done to be me, sad, scared, small, alone, beautiful. It's supposed to be like this. I accept everything. It's supposed to be like this.

That day, that day. I lay down beside myself, In this feeling of pain, sadness. Scared, small, climbing, crawling. Towards the light. And it's all I see and I'm tired and I'm right. And I'm wrong. And it's beautiful.

That day that day What a mess What a marvel We're all the same And no one thinks so And it's okay And I'm small And I'm divine And it's beautiful And it's coming But it's already here And it's absolutely perfect

That day, that day When everything was a mess
And everything was in place And there's too much hurt
Sad, small, scared, alone And everyone's a cynic And it's hard and it's sweet
But it's supposed To be like this

That day, that day
When I sat in the sun
And I thought and I cried
'Cause I'm sad, scared, small
Alone, strong
And I'm nothing
And I'm true
Only a brave (wo)man
Can break through
And it's all okay
Yeah, it's okay

[I had written something else to post here. But there was far more detail than I should include here, so I thought I could post these lyrics instead. Funny how a Natalie Imbruglia song can express how I'm feeling with the same clarity as my own words. It's just some late twenties angst which needs sorting out. See what happens when you read an article about weblogs and it pleads with you to start writing about yourself.]

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