TV I completely missed Freaks and Geeks when it aired in the early days of E4 but the reaction seems to have been similar to My So-Called Life so that alone would make me interested in buying the DVD boxset. But then I hear about the ingenuity which has gone into the 29 audio commentaries which appear on the 18 episodes there-in:
"All of the actors appear on at least one track, even people like Linda Cardellini (geek-turned-freak Lindsay) and James Franco (hunky freak Daniel), who have gone on to bigger things. (It's also funny to hear John Francis Daley , who was a squeaky pre-pubescent on the show and now has a voice only a half-octave above Isaac Hayes).

But there are also tracks with writers, tracks where fans talk about why they loved the show, a track where three actors who played teachers discuss the show in character (including the hilarious Dave 'Gruber' Allen as aging hippie Jeff Rosso, who tries to discuss educational philosophies with the gym teacher). There's even one where Apatow asks executives from NBC and production company DreamWorks why the show failed."
That's comprehensive and amusing. Who needs to actually watch television on television any more? [via tvt]

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