Fashion It's the weblog stand-by ... pictures of cats. But its not the felines themselves which is the issue, but what they're wearing. Even more disturbing. There are actual people. Alive. Who think its a really cute thing to do. Something really do needed to be translated by The Babel Fish:
"Large burst of laughter you are not wrong, super - it does with appearance of lovely chick transformation set! ! With felt cloth of yellow and orange two-tone, very the pop it is finished in impression. The feather of the chick which wears the point and has been attached to both sides of the thing. Please try looking at the profile which the cat wears! The extent which is blown out unintentionally, ??? the ? ? to be hugely, is, because - ? wearing ones, you can install also the muffler where ?? of the chick is attached, with the magic tape, installation and removal is the can tongue!
Rather like photos from a war zone, these are images which will stay with me for the rest of my life. [Thanks a lot Paul.]

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