Life At about the time I started my A-Levels at school an acute tiredness decended. It wasn't narcolepsy -- I didn't fall asleep standing up, but I'd feel tired throughout the day hankering for bedtime. It's something I felt right throughout my university years and somewhere I forgot how it felt to be awake -- fully awake. To the point that if I was awake at all, ever I probably didn't know -- was it just a case of feeling less sleepy or something else. It's a feeling which hasn't left me since. I know that its ironic that I'm writing this paragraph on a weblog with this title, but truly the two are not connected. The point I'm hankering for is -- is anyone out there actually awake -- or does everyone work their way through the day in a general state of tiredness with moments of clarity? Is it the shock of the new? And how come I feel this way even if like this week I'm up at 6 in the morning after 6 hours sleep or on a normal week when I get seven or eight?

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