TV Ian Jones from 'Off The Telly' describes the process of producing his new book 'Morning Glory':
"The ensuing interview, conducted within (Greg) Dyke's sparsely furnished huge office, didn't get off to the best of starts when an opening gambit asking after the nature of his views on breakfast telly before he joined TV-am elicited the snap response: "Never thought about it. I had no views." This, while Dyke was wandering around his room, moving random bits of paper about, and looking pained. Once he'd sat down, though, his answers instantly became far more engaging, and to the point. "We were penniless," he recalled of TV-am, "it was a bankrupt organisation. If I'd understood what trading insolvently meant, that's what we were doing."
On a completely unrelated topic, did anyone see the seminal episode of Have I Got News For You tonight? If you missed it I'd recommend you catch the repeat. An unrepentant Robert Kilroy-Silk made Paul Merton so angry that at one point I thought he was seriously going to thump him. Only he could make fury look so effortlessly amusing.

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