Life To some extent I've shut myself off from the news. It's not because I don't care or that I'm not interested. It's just that I feel lost -- as though there is so much I need to know before having the merest hint of an understanding of what is happening in the world. There is also the issue of trust -- I know I'm not getting the full story and that what information I am receiving is being packaged to some degree to make it 'interesting' without it being totally accurate. A version of the truth depending upon who is saying it. Which is why independent journalists can be so important, pushing the unheard of or unknown or off message through the cracks in the media wall. Brazillian photographer's Anderson Schneider portfolio of work essaying Iraq a year after the last war shows images of things which I hadn't seen or heard about in the times I've listen to PM on Radio 4 or the BBC News as they talk about politicians and big decisions. This portfolio considers the daily lives of the people. I for some reason the fact that I couldn't find anything to buy in the Virgin Megastore sale today seems totally unimportant. [Thanks to James Longley for the link]

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