TV I'm currently experiencing that impossible sensation of familiarity, of having possibly met someone before but I can't remember were. I've been wracking my brain and I can only come up with the possibility it was at University. But then I wonder if I spoke to her on the train, or else just sat opposite her. It's my ability to remember faces. I might have issues with names, but I'm forever seeing people I used to serve in previous jobs or else seen on the afformentioned public transport. The unfortunate source of my puzzlement is Becki, the new Big Brother housemate.

I've never agreed with anyone else on 'favourite' moments from each series. I always offer the moment during the last series when Jon Tickle held an unofficial summit with Nush regarding the decreasing food situation. It was filled with pathos and should be used on management courses to demonstrate just the kind of diplomacy and clear thinking which is much needed in closed off situations. So contrary to everyone else again, I'd like to nominate Becki's appearance in the house as my moment of the series.

The simple fact is that at no time in the previous series, right back to Clare Strutton onwards has a new entrant appeared with that much confidence in the face of adversity and put her stamp on the group. Apart from anything else, knowing she's going to be spending the next nth number of weeks with them, she pretends to be Italian and from another Big Brother just to see what their reaction is. By the end of the day she'd already fairly well got the mark of everyone and set about conquering.

Two examples. Jason thinks he's brought her into his confidence with the well worn 'I'm going to tell you a secret -- I'm leaving' gambit -- but I've a feeling all the confidence boosting was just her drawing him into her web -- I visited the live broadcast today to see him jabbering on to Ahmed about how he's turned his loneliness into a person and shown it the door. Wah? Second, the moment when she dragged Nadia into the snug and said that she wouldn't be revealing her secret, thereby creating an ally (Big Brother gave the choice not to so). She screams with Marco, she makes Victor feel like he's onto something (toe sucking?). And at the same time makes it all seem like she's being perfectly genuine. I don't believe it for a second. Becki's playing the game, Nasty Nick without the stupidity, and is probably more intelligent than the lot of them (with the possible exception of Dan and Shell).

More importantly this new housemate has made the programme worth watching. She's not made any of the other housemates actually engaging (they're still a bunch of bloody loonies) but it has turned it into the game it really should be and I wouldn't be surprised if (unless the housemates work her out) she'll be the first late entrant to win the thing. She's playing us too -- why else did she flash her breasts on the first day and get the housemates singing and talking? She's out to make the experience entertaining for us as well. Now if I could just remember where I've seen her before...

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