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Technology And so I've used my surprise collection and invested in a new DVD Writer. It's a MTC DRW 1008IM ? DVD+/-RW Drive which I see from that page isn't the sharpest of their tools, but it has won a few awards in its time, and it's a start. Frankly even 40x is an obscene speed to create CD-Rs and looks almost like magic (especially considering that my old CD-R used to take half an hour -- it had been in there for some time). Sadly it came without an inbox manual, so I spent two hours yesterday morning trying to work out why Windows wasn't recognising any of my drives. The man in shop was only just about helpful when I rang him:
Him: You have to move the jumper into the slave position.
Me: It's already there.
Him: Well move it to one of the other ones, and just keep moving it around until it works.
And people ask me why I don't want to work in IT full time...

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