'this was only ever just a temporary measure'

Art While I was in Manchester yesterday I stumbled up one of the summer markets which appears in the city centre each year. As well as trying some really good berry filled smoothy I was happy to find a couple of my favourite artists had stalls. Amy Gibbins is an amazing photographer who looks at the world from extra-ordinary angles. A couple of years ago my parents bought me one of her views of the Flat Iron Building in New York and it was the first picture to go on the wall when I moved into the new place. Here is the reason I really love it.

Also putting an appearance were Francesca Salvini and Emma Smalley of 'temporary measure' whose work I'd seen before in an exhibition at URBIS and who seemed quite impressed that I'd remembered. How could I not. Their mixture of screen printed photography and truth speaking poetry is one of most exciting things I've seen lately. Take a look around their website to see these and the their other crafts. Despite everything I had to buy a pinbadge from them. Its small and silver and on the front in black courier new lettering are the words: 'this was only ever just a temporary measure' Too true.

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