Michelle Dillon puts on a brave face

The Road To Beijing Triathlete Michelle Dillon missed the closing ceremony the other night. She had to fly back early because someone had burgled her house:
"On learning from sister Natasha that one of her competition bikes and other equipment had been stolen, Dillon was then struck another devastating blow when her video camera, which included footage taken at the Games, was snatched from a van she had been travelling in. The British number one, who entered the Olympics on the back of a World Cup victory in July, explained: "Natasha flew to Athens before my competition started but decided not to tell me about the burglary until a day after as she didn't want it to affect my performance. Finding out about the camera on the same day compounded things."
Just horrible news, but I can for a moment return to the focus of what this feature is about Michelle confirms her future plans -- she understands how well she did and is focus on success at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne and the ensuing Olympics. Unfortunately I'm going to be missing Michelle competing in the Great Liverpool Triathlon on Sunday because I'm working. Typical. It is being televised on Sunday Grandstand though so all is not lost. In other news, Abi Oyepitan appeared in the 200m at the Memorial Van Damme in Brussels and came in second behind Kim Gevaert of Belgium (who was sixth in the Olympic final).

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