Run away from silent. Run deep.

Film Saw Stage Beauty tonight and a review will be forthcoming hopefully when I have the inspiration. Suffice to say Henslowe from Shakespeare In Love will adore it -- it does indeed feature 'Comedy, love and a bit with a dog' But also some tragedy, so it's a perfect concoction. While I was watching the scenes play out and the gestures of the actors of the time it occured to me that having seen some silent film over the past few weeks I can't watch any more for now. Of all of cinema, anything pre-1920 lacks the prop of language to make up for something vital which is missing -- spectacle. The only way to see these films is in a cinema with a decent soundtrack and unfortunately, even my setup is a poor subsitute. So for now I'm going to enjoy the films I can give the relevant room to and hope at some time in the future I can watch these things in the context they deserve. So tomorrow night I have Master And Commander coming from the good people at ScreenSelect. Ahoy.

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