Belly Bomb

If a human being were to eat black pudding followed by king prawns and washed down with a glass of milk, due to the un-stable chemical mixture now sitting in his or hers gut, the poor individual's stomache would literally explode within a matter of minutes ! [Ugh -- thanks Franchesca]


  1. ace!

    this is similar to the popular urban myth that it is impossible to down one pint of lager, one of water and one of lemonade, without bringing it all back up again.

    but black pudding and milk wins hands down in the bizarre stakes...

  2. Davy Par4:52 pm

    This aint no urban myth lady, unfortunately a friend of mine suffered something a kin to this exploding belly cocktail. Luckily he had some bread as well and this acted as a kind of de-fusing agent just in the nick of time and he only suffered an erupted appendix.

  3. like that scene from "The Meaning of Life"..
    eeew :)

    I moved my sites!