Help me take my mask off

Film A few months ago I went to a book group and everyone had been reading the James Bond novel Casino Royale. In the midst of the discuss I explained that I understood that Bond's was a code name used by various agents over the years -- which would explain the different faces in the films. This was seen as some great revelation -- I'd thought that was the point but apparently not. It's just happened again. I'm reading a post about the Star Wars prequels at Cinematical, and in the middle it says:
"Interestingly enough, he even comes to the conclusion that Return of the Jedi could be referring to Anakin/Darth, rather than Luke Skywalker, like the rest of us thought. Interesting idea."
I always thought that even before the new trilogy was released. I understood that the closing moments were about Anakin's Jedi tendencies re-asserting themselves over the Sith as well as the return of the Jedi as an order via Luke. Funny.


  1. The James Bond "code name" idea is a fallacy, given that references are made to Bond's past in films featuring later actors. In fact, all the actors after George Lazenby (including Connery in "Diamonds Are Forever") had moments of remembering, reflecting and/or acknowledging Bond's wife Tracy who died in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service".

  2. Who was the other bloke that Lazenby referred to in the pre-credits sequence?