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Film Will Layman at Pop Matter writes a very handy review of the Star Wars Revenge of the Sith soundtrack cd:
"But then, whatever you've thought about the Star Wars movies, the music has always been great, hasn't it? The stirring main theme, with its famous melody and impossibly syncopated low brass giving way to the stirring contrasting theme in the strings; Vader's evil-dripping Imperial March that was always 20% too jaunty to be entirely hateful; the high woodwinds curling their way around various space ballets. There is a decent argument that the moving pictures -- some of them, at least -- were little more than visual accompaniment to the music, which rarely stops during the entire lengths of the movies. Indeed, while the six Star Wars movies have had different directors, different writers, different stars and editors and cinematographers, there has been one constant: John Williams as composer, creating a melodic world in which two or three generations of Americans have chosen to eat a whole mess of popcorn."
Watching Close Encounters on dvd for the first time the other day cemented the feeling that Williams is one of our great living composers classical or otherwise. Anyone who just dismisses this body of work because it accompanies films is just being silly.

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