What women want?

Books Is this really what women want? Erica Jong's What Do Women Want?: Bread, Roses, Sex, Power. Actually I like the honesty of the main Amazon review:
"This is Jong at her best and worst, alternately flailing wildly and landing squarely on the mark. "It's hard to be a novelist in the age of soap opera", she observes, commenting on American President Clinton's sexual peccadilloes. "The slow accretion of 500 well-wrought words a day seems pointless beside the dizzying and breathless plot lines served up by the evening news." The delicious irony of the book's title is no accident; it's a question Sigmund Freud asked and never satisfactorily answered. Neither does Jong but her cultural commentary has flashes of brilliance and the nerve necessary to cut to the head of the line."
Taking that as a multiple choice or not, would women be content with one of those things or a mixture of the four. Where are your priorities?

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  1. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Well bread, yes, obviously. Roses are good. Sex ought to be good. And power, but not necessarily my own. Yes, perhaps she has a point. Although I'm commenting without having read the book - but I do remember her general style, from Fear of Flying. Crazy woman.