A bit parky in here

Quote "It seems impossible for Parky to be able to conduct any sort of press interview without prattling on about being not only a journalist, and therefore supremely and even uniquely qualified to interview the rich and famous (which logic rules out David Frost but rules in Johnny Vaughan), but also bemoaning everyone else's efforts in the same field. This very week we we're faced with yet another diatribe by Parkinson in the Radio Times in the form of an interview by one Benji Wilson (who we assume is a journalist and therefore fit to ask somebody questions off a sheet) which has produced in typical fashion a raft of useless answers from someone who really should know better." -- TV Cream hates Michael Parkinson for some pretty good reasons. Now. He's been known as the king of the world and he's been a friend of mine for many years since I interviewed Cassius Clay, Lauren Bacall and Leonard Rossiter. Will you give a warm welcome please to ...

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