Dyslexic Heart

Music I was in Manchester yesterday shopping and for college reasons. I visited Vinyl Exchange. I nearly bought The Best of Paul Westerberg. Then I saw the title and thought better of it. The Best of Paul Westerberg is called ...


This was the scariest thing I saw through the whole of Halloween. No wonder the man has his hand over his face on the cover, as though he can't look. I couldn't buy it after that. Why not just call it The Best of Paul Westerberg and be happy with that? Why go that extra crazy mile?

I bought the soundtrack to Moulin Rouge instead.


  1. I've got it. It's great. Don't judge a book, or in this case an album, by it's cover. A slightly crummy title, I grant you, but "The Best Of Paul Westerberg" is just plain dull. My pick would have been to name it after the first track on the album -"Dyslexic Heart". Gets the feeling across, I feel.
    Go and buy it. It's worth it.

  2. Oh yes -- it had been called, I would have been there. And I do like Mr Westerberg. Perhaps I'm just snippy lately...