No we're never gonna survive ...

Music The new Alanis Morissette single Crazy heralds the release of a Greatest Hits album. The Collection.*

What I wanted is a kicking new tune which recalls the easy, dizzy heights of Jagged Little Pill and her best single release in years, ready to dash up the charts through word of mouth.

What I would have settled for is an acoustic version of the Patsy Cline song, idiosyncratic but special, the perfect way to end a mix tape.

What you get is a demented cover of the Seal hit in a return to her pre-Pill days. I've heard of kisses to the past but did she have to go as far back as Now Is The Time? When Jewel Kilcher made a pop record, she was being Ironic (I think). This is done without a hint of that. It opens with few bars of an organ which sounds like it was sampled at a funeral and heads off into one of those samples that is really familiar but you can't quite remember were you heard it before. I'm listening to it over and over hoping for something good and actually there is some nice vocalisation in the middle-eighth but it just seems so ... backwards.

Good lord I'm in a snarky mood tonight.

*Given that I own everything else she's released it's either totally inessential or I'll buy it in three years from ebay to complete my collection.

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