Site News I've been experimenting with the template for the blog. If you an RSS reader, go there now. It's really just some tinkering with the format of the posts. I've been using headlines in the RSS feed for months and I wanted to bring them to the main page, but I could never blend them with the date stamps very well. I thought about the content of the site, that it's not really about one thing and wondered how important that date is anyway. So I've dipped it underneath post and put it into bold. So it's still there but de-emphasised, with the title of each post front and centre instead. I'm still including those erzats catagories because I've been using them since day one and they still point to the content of the post after what can often admittedly be a pretty obscure or ecclectic title -- this effort will force me to have more clarity and for them to be less of a throw away. Plus I might change my mind one day and I'll be able to keep format. Please feel free to offer your comments or flames...


  1. Anonymous10:51 am

    American date format?! Sort that out RIGHT now...

  2. I hadn't noticed that. Thanks.

    [Goes to Blogger]

    So I can't stamp this with the date and time? Just date then...