'I'm like your mistress, except you're not even married.'

film there is something comforting about bill murrays face whenever he is in shot no matter the circumstances looking into those slightly sad bored tired eyes and somehow everything will be ok there are moments in jim jarmuschs broken flowers when the camera lingers on a tableau and the only action are bills eyes as they survey the scene obviously waiting for something else to go wrong the only time that catastrophic things happen are when he is confused and does not know were to look. it is an excellent film and it is great to have jim back with the exception of coffee and cigarettes which took years to complete the director has not made a film since ghost dog in 1999 looking over his filmography he is actually made less films than i remember but perhaps thats because all of them have left such an impression and have influenced so many other film makers that he just feels more prolific flowers is actually closer in structure to his earlier films which tended to have an episodic structure often with a framing story the difference on this occasion being the appearance of the same figure in each story as murrays character don wanders through the lives of the women who may or may not have mothered a child its almost as though were being given a window into another film in which he would be a bit player a life changing cameo some of the ise stories could even have been borrowed from a library with references to everything from loftings dr dolittle to ibsens a doll's house drifting into view there is so little incident i do not want to spoil anything while i throw plaudits at the note perfect performances but really i had not imagined that sharon stone could be capable of such a raw yet rich performance and that tilda swinton could become so unrecognizable

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