We don't talk about you enough.

Blog! In this post, James perfectly captures the tone and rhythms of everyday speech between between friends who've known each other for a very long time. At a restaurant:
"ME: I think I might be mildly autistic, you know.
B.M.: What was your first clue?
ME: The Dungeons and Dragons.
B.M.: Yup.
ME: Also I fear change.
B.M.: We all fear change. What are you having?
ME: Um, chicken kiev, I think.
B.M.: You had that last time.
ME: I know. I didn't like it very much.
B.M.: Have something else then.
ME: I will. I'll have something else."
Reminds me of that scene in the film Broadcast News (1987) when Aaron and Jane talk about meeting at the place near the thing where they went that time.

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