"I was looking at your internet movie database entry..."

Film In the spirit of all this, I managed something I've always wanted to do this evening. The Cornerhouse in Manchester held a Actor/Director Masterclass and invited Emily Woof to talk about her work. There wasn't a great interviewer but she did offer some good, honest, insights and presented an excellent short film she's directed and a 'pilot' reel for a film she'll be shooting next year called The Rides with Peter Mullen and Juliet Stephenson filmed at the Nottingham Goose Fair. The Q&A happened at the end and ... I said:

"I was looking at your Internet Movie Database entry earlier and I notice that you mix both films and television. Do you have a different approach to acting in both?"

For some reason I've always wanted to mention the imdb to a real filmmaker. I expected there to be a slight look of consternation. And you know what? Woof did it! In case you were wondering, she answered that television filming tends to be more relaxed because everyone is for hire and she was always a bit sniffy about her tv work. But in recent years she's come to see them as being just as important as film, because of the people she's been working with -- the directors.

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