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Eye Level
The Smithsonian Art Museum has a weblog which is just the sort of thing institutions like this should be doing. I would imagine if the local Liverpool museums had something like this it would prove popular

Avril Lavigne Lands A Role In Richard Gere Crime Drama 'The Flock'
Buried deep in the article is this disturbing sentence: "In her first film role, she'll share (virtual) screen time with William Shatner, onscreen dad Bruce Willis and Gary Shandling." Luckily it's just an animation...

Bootleg subtitles for the Ewan McGregor starring film, 'Nightwatch'
"You can select among them one in two films. Two girls brilliant momente the summer different one told a heroic story preceding 45. ls more over that about one man sits to read on the table to. in 45 minutes?"

The Wookieepedia
I think you can guess what this is. Massive amounts of research although some entries re-appear at the Wikipedia proper which seems like a division of labour. Did you know Luke Skywalker eventually got married?

RSA Journal - In defence of creativity
Essay describing the details of intellectual property and the implications for new technology. Fails to mention Creative Commons etc though

Brian Singer interested in directing Star Trek movie
Now that would be something.

Aleks Krotoski interviews Neil Thompson and Stephen McGill
Xbox's Senior Regional Director, Northern & Eastern Europe, Home and Entertainment Division, Neil Thompson, and the head of Xbox UK Marketing, Stephen McGill

Whatever happened Idha Ovelius?
I was listening to 'Melody Inn' for the first time in a decade yesterday and it's a really great record. And it hasn't aged. If it was rereleased now it would be such a hit ...

Nice Things to Say to Chris Columbus after Seeing Rent
"You know, I know some choreographers, they?re really great people."

Eric Stoltz talks Some Kind of Wonderful dvd
Special Edition forthcoming with commentaries and the like. Grr. Another vanilla I bought in haste.

Jayne's World: Gorillas And Dolls
Peter Jackson's 'King Kong' in quite good really shocker...

Vertigo...Then and Now
"Before and after images of various San Francisco locations used"

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