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Cinematical Seven: Great movie critics
They forgot Mark Kermode. But then it is an American list ...

Kevin Smith answers his online critics again.
Doesn't go well. Although funny.

Jay And Silent Bob Do Degrassi: The Next Generation on Region One DVD
Very tempting at £11.99. But will it go Region Two? For: It's a Kevin Smith film and the Clerks X set sold boxes and boxes over here. Against: Degrassi hasn't been on TV here since the eighties. Decisions, decisions...

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  1. Well, the Degrassi Next Gen two-parter guest stars Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes as themselves (and as their famous characters in the film they are making at Degrassi) - but the episodes are written and directed by regular Degrassi writer/directors.

    It includes a lot of metatextual references, if you know Smith's history with Degrassi. And it's interesting for Classic Degrassi fans as well - but also frustrating for them.