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The idea of joining a gym was only something that I had become comfortable with a couple of years ago, which is impressive because my ma has been nagging at me for ten years to join the gym and had me convinced that I was an abomination with my feckless attitude towards exercise. The weird thing was that I'd always wanted to join the gym, seriously I did! - but I just didn't know what I'd do when I got there and always found something else to distract me like work, go out with a silly boy, or slob out in front of the telly.

I have visited a gym for a tour almost every year for the past ten years but I didn't actually join until April of this year. It was down to the fact that after spending almost 28 years being tiny, a year of taking steroid medication had added a stone and a half to my weight. Now to be fair, I only went up to 8.5 stone and I got a great bum out of it although I could have done without making my wayward boobs into comedy tits as a result. The thing I hated most was having a steroid tummy - no more flat tummy!.

I 'invested' in some gym gear so that I'd be incentivised to keep going and I rocked up one Sunday for my induction with Arnold Schwarznegger (his twin). Twenty minutes later, I was jogging on the treadmill and trying not to look down for fear that I'd fall on my face. Oh have I mentioned that I sneaked onto a treadmill during a PE class and it got turned up too fast and I fell on it face first and was sent to the other side of the room? I had a face like a very bad mugging victim and after the anger and sympathy had subsided, my nutcase family couldn't help but laugh as I looked ri-di-cu-lous!

I surprised myself and took to the gym like a duck to water and surprisingly, the treadmill was my favourite. I went three/four times a week for a couple of months but it did start to pitter out. It wasn't because I work with a load of social animals but because after finishing the steroids I became ill after a month or so and I was in so much pain I couldn't run the risk of doing something that could aggravate things. I was surprised at how upset I was at this discovery and I do miss the gym, but cancelled the membership a few months ago. I still don't feel confident about going back to the gym and it's very possible that I may not be allowed to go for a good while, but I'm glad I finally did it because I know that I actually like the gym, like exercise and like losing myself for an hour as I pound out the mental stresses of my life. I do gentle exercise at home, which aside from lifting the remote includes sit ups and er, shopping?

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