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Elsewhere I visited the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight on Monday -- one of those spur of the moment things were you really just want to be in motion, out and about, doing things. There's an exhibition there from artist Peter Ellis, Pulling The Lever. It's pretty good, TracyEminish in its use of found personal objects. More extraordinary than the show was the visitor book which honestly read like an internet discussion on a pretty hot day.

Correspondents had been polarised between those who hated the exhibition and those who quite liked it. The main bone of contention seemed to be that the decision had been taken to mix this 'modern art' in which the rest of the exhibits somehow defacing them visually. The postive comments were to the effect that actually its quite a brave decision, and well done to the gallery curators for trying something new.

The book was full, every page filled with biro. I left my comment, which ran somewhere in between on that page next to the title sheet. As I was writing, it occured to me that the language I was using was much the same as I'd use here. Conversational. I'll probably be shouted at by a couple of you, but was that blogging? Do these entries have to be posted on here? What do they become otherwise? And really can you have a blog entry which appears in a visitor book that can only be read if you happen to be in the gallery at the time?

As an experiment I've decided that actually you can. So at the end of the entry I scrawled something to the effect that this was an offline blog entry and included the url of the site. I'm going to try this for a while and see what happens. I've printed up some labels for future use to be included with my jottings ...

... and each time I've left an entry somewhere I'll post something on the blog to let everyone know were it is. And then in the unlikely event that someone is in the area they can go and read it. Is this something we could all do -- a way for our online presence to interact with the real world? Is it Bookcrossing but with your own words? So if you want to really know what I thought of the Peter Ellis Exhibition at the Lady Lever Art Gallery you can read the entry in the visitor book. But you'll have to be quick. The show closes on the 8th of January.

In other news, I've finally published a new book review for Behind The Sofa as well as pointing out the error of Schott's ways.

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