Who me, JT?

People "Whoever this is, sitting so sweetly beside me in the back of the car, I'm not wholly convinced it is the person who wrote the books. I would say two things with some certainty: I think it's a woman, and I think she's a real cutie pie. But whoever she is, our conversation seems cursory, a mahogany finish sprayed onto the solid wood beneath. It dawns on me that the real interview was my early-morning exchange with Emily." -- Laura Barton meets the shadowy JT LeRoy.

It's the kind of article which messes with your sense of reality; I haven't read anything like it in a long time. I like the idea that a group of writes and artists from various disciplines would have a front identity -- there was a Woody Allen film about just such an occurance during the Mcarthy era. The motives here seem less clear other than as a weeze. For the interested, here is the Stephen Beachy article mentioned in The Guardian text which is an equal decent into madness. I'm reminded of Harmony Cousins the self-accounted for it-girl of April 2002 ...

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