Schott's Doctor

Books Ben Schott's Almanac 2006 is an extraordinary book, rubberstamping much of last year perfectly covering seeming all of the topics anyone would want to remember -- and some they wouldn't. Of course, I checked the index for an entry about Doctor Who and sure enough, there it is on page 119. And on their website.

Considering the obvious care and attention which has gone into the rest of the volume, some things about the entry are a bit troubling. Firstly, it says that the first episode attracted 9.9 million viewers. According to Outpost Gallifrey the final ratings for Rose were 10.81 million viewers. Schott seems to have used this BBC article for his research but he's quoting the overnight figures for Who and the opposition. Secondly, even more annoyingly (I suppose), he perpetuates the myth which seems to have become fact somewhere that Eccleston quit fearing that he would be typecast, even though a number of sources available before the book's publication date in September had reported the BBC's apology and that the actor was only contracted for one series.

At the start of the book, there are two disclaimers. The first on the copyright page suggests that there will be errors be we can't be held accountable. In the Preface much the same suggestion is made, this time with a quote from Goethe saying that 'error is to truth as sleep is to waking' with a note to the effect that the editor would like to be contacted about any errors.

The email is in. I'll let you know what happens...

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