deserved my flowers.

Film "Sorry. I'd have to say the only nice thing about it was Jonathan's warm and sweet embrace. First of all, I was in this very conveniently thin shirt, and it's pouring rain, and it's that kind of movie rain, where it kind of pelts you with this freezing cold rainwater. And I have a slight weed allergy, and it was just miserable. I had, like, a swollen eye for a couple of days... [Jonathan] really bit my lip, actually -- busted my lip open. And he sent me flowers the next day because he felt bad. It was so sweet. Damn hurt, though -- I deserved my flowers. Never very sexy to do that. But Woody's very shy, he's just kind of like, ''All right, come and do it.'' Just a little bit of blocking, which is very silly, because it's like, ''And you fall, now roll over, in slow motion...'' Blocking is very awkward." -- Scarlett Johansson talks about Match Point. I'll let you know what I thought of the film tomorrow.

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