About At what point does blogging become noise. I've just taken my nightly look at Bloglines (my RSS aggregator) and having had a clearout over the weekend, there's already some sites which have posted over fifty times. Not naming any names (but what the hell, Boing Boing, for example) it does come to the stage were you have to wonder if a human being has the time to sit down and read all that text and visit all those sites. They're not supposed to of course; the idea is, much like a newspaper, to read the title and go forth into the items which appear interesting. But with all of that writing its difficult to actually find anything interesting and have the inclination to read it once you get there. Any suggestions (other than turning the computer off and going to read a book instead)?

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  1. My general rule of thumb - if you've got over 100 unreads from something like BoingBoing or MeFi, mark them all as read and start again. If it's essential, someone else will pick up on it.