TV "Chloe always made me laugh - in fact we set each other off. We used to play little games with each other. In the early days the music went, "Ready to knock, turn the lock" and so on the first day I was working with Chloe, on the take as we started off it went, "Ready to knock" and I just whispered, "Show us your cock". She started laughing and I started laughing because she was, so when the camera came to use we were all jollity. The following day she tried to do the same to me. So it went "Ready to knock," and she said, "Give us a flash - oh no bugger". So I'm laughing at her getting it wrong. But we did set each other off. But, alas, I could never make Carol laugh, not ever." -- Fred Harris interviewed as part of a majestic round table (or round the bar rather) with the cast of Play School.

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