Shakespeare "-- the Duke's office has been turned into a television studio. Sofas etc. gone. Lots of cameras, wires, microphones. Desk set up to face large doors, three chairs and a desk mike in the middle. Windows unshuttered, lots of light plus television lights, monitors, etc. Also a film crew, make-up people and so on. The hustle and bustle before a show starts. People getting equipment ready, furniture organised and so on. The Duke enters brusquely, a brief applause which he curtly acknolwedges. This isn't his 'real' return, it's strictly pre-show stuff. Obviously already talked to Angelo etc. He goes straight to Peter, darkly dressed sinister looking friar who is out of place." -- Someone is blogging their notes for what looks like a thesis about Measure for Measure. They also have a scene-by-scene investigation here.

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