a dozen black-clad men would march by in unison

Geography "The most eventful window was definitely the one in Harlem. I had a studio this past summer and fall on 5th Avenue between 124th and 125th Streets, right next to Marcus Garvey Park. Every Saturday a Djembe drum circle met in the park at noon and drummed until the sun went down, filling the air with their wonderful rhythms. Early on Sunday mornings a group of about a dozen black-clad men would march by in unison, chanting: "The power is the people! The power is the people! The power that the Lord gives to the people!" Or something along those lines -- I don't usually remember things I hear at 8 in the morning on Sundays, even if it's week after week for five months." -- Catherine Shu on the views from the windows of the various homes she's lived in. I look up I see sky. I look down I see Sefton Park and the River Mersey beyond, then beyond that the Welsh mountains. On a really clear day I can see the snow on top of Snowdon. Like I said in the photographic post below, I'm lucky. I do miss the buzz of the city though.

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