Neil Young chatting up Don Johnson

Photography "And make no mistake, the DC25's 24-bit color snapshots (493 x 373 pixels in high resolution mode, 320 x 240 in standard mode) are more than adequate for populating your home page or informal sections of a company website. In fact, my snapshot of Neil Young chatting up Don Johnson at this year's Farm Aid was good enough to run on the front page of JAMtv, not to mention very successful at amusing most of my friends and family when I sent it to them as a .jpg e-mail attachment." -- a quick google found this pleasingly chatty review of my new/old digital camera. It was published in mid-October 1997 which is bags older than I thought. Which means its eight or nine years old. And it still looks brand new. Shockingly, Kodak aren't supporting it anymore.

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