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Photography About five years ago, in fact it may have been longer, I was given a digital camera for Christmas. It's a Kodak DC25. I was stunned, surprised, silenced for once. But after testing it for a few days over that Christmas period I didn't carry on using it. I wasn't online then, didn't have this blog thing, and I didn't think I needed it. I wss told it had been quite expensive which made me worried about carrying it around with me. Plus I didn't like the photographs. At its highest setting it takes a picture with of 493x373 pixels which was amazing just before then I suppose. At the time I was pretty happy with my film camera which gave a sharper image.

Over the past few months I've been getting an itchy snapping finger. I've been watching those pictures flowing through flickr (and posted some of them on here) and wanted to capture bits of my life as well. There is something gratifyingly instant about being able to show the world a picture you've taken just moments before. I have been thinking about investing in a proper digital camera, a new model with all the trimmings, but with the whole lack of genuine income I didn't want to waste my time. I mean I bought one a couple of years ago, a tiny wee thing and that was really poor. What if it was hype and I really didn't need one after all?

So I looked again at the DC25. Yes, the resolutions blurry but I sort of like the old schoolness of it -- seeing the world through the pixels -- rather like those films which are still being made on VHS on purpose. I took it to the camera shop today, replaced the lithium batteries and invested in a compact flash memory card. The man in the shop with all his wide-eyed amazement that this thing is still working, somehow found something to fit -- the manual advises that the highest card available at the time was 2mb. This is 128mb and after some maths that means it'll hold a thousand shots. Which is amazing.

I've joined the flickr generation...

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