"My wife left me..."

DVD "Craig Robins is a former BBC videotape engineer who's worked in the broadcasting industry for over 20 years. He's devoted a year or so of his life to getting Joking Apart released on DVD, and - like Moffat before him - saw his marriage dissolve in the process. "I didn't ask Craig about that when we met," Moffat had told me anxiously, "which was a bit craven of me. I hope it didn't break up because he was doing Joking Apart. What do you think?". I'd replied that I wasn't sure, but I wouldn't rule it out. "No, I wouldn't either, " he said, obviously bothered by the notion." -- Graham Kibble-White at Off The Telly.

An amazing article about the struggle to get one of my favourite, unsung, British sitcoms onto DVD. Joking Apart was about when I was just finishing my A-Levels and beginning university first time around. The way I remember it, I was the only person at my school who watched it being broadcast or understood it to be the work of genius it undoubtedly was. Unfortunately my ailing Matsui video decided to chew the one vhs tape which had any of the series on so I thought it was lost to me forever. Now here it is one shiny disc, truly something I never thought I would see. Excellent fan site here.

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