Stephen Colbert

News Just a ruffle a few feathers, I saw Stephen Colbert's turn at the White House correspondance dinner today and it has to be the one of the most exciting half hours of comedy I've ever seen. The man stands about ten feet away from the ur-President of the free world and tells him he's moron and that he should get over himself, get off the world stage quietly and leave us in peace in many more words. I once saw Rory Bremner do similar material with Tony Blair in the same Breakfast With Frost studio and it didn't have the same bite as this. Mostly becuase, with all of his gurning, sorry grinning, it was clear that Bush didn't get it. The man's apparently displeased with Colbert's work now, but I've feeling it's only because someone explained the joke to him afterwards. You can almost imagine him and his equivalent of The West Wing's Charlie in the Oval Office going over the tape into the wee small hours of the night trying to decifer Colbert's words as though they're some kind of code ... 'What -- shot in the face?' [All the links you need at Manchizzle]

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