Time to recover

Life Good Sunday. This weekend feels like a second Easter without the chocolate eggs or religious significance. I haven't been writing much here lately due to essay writing commitments but I hope you enjoyed last night's gushing review of what the continuity voice beforehand described as Doctor Woo. Really, it was great and I can't believe units like SFX magazine were underwhelmed. I mean what do you people want?

Last night too, I was inspired by this Guardian article to make some Carrot and Lime soup. I can cook, I mean I know how to pierce a film lid and turn the dial on a microwave. This was far less complicated than I expected. Although grating the carrot, potato and onion by hand may have been a mistake.

I did panic that there was too much liquid, but I realised that it needed boiling and simmering for far longer than I was allowing and in the end the shebang was much smoother and flavoursome than I thought was possible with these fingers. Next week ... we'll see. I probably need to give the kitchen time to recover.

This afternoon I enjoyed the an oddly appropriate film double bill of Lake Placid and Mean Creek. The former is a funny action adventure about a giant killer crocodile, the latter an indie repost to those teen films like I Know What You Did Last Summer that attempts to apply realistic reactions to a horrible event. So, well, actually only the titles and locales are connected. But both films come highly recommended.

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