Baudy bard

Shakespeare "Although I recognize that the general noder population is far more literary than the general population at large, I find quite often that even the most literary among us run into trouble with the bard. Here's a new (read: Better) way of looking at it, in a few painless steps: Shakespeare is like sex. Why? you ask. Sure he was bawdy and lewd, but most of his subtle penis jokes go straight over our heads in these days of T&A. *ahem* "Why, then is my pump well-flower'd," and "Give us the swords, we {women} have bucklers of our own," among others. Use your imagination for those. Get your mind into the gutter." -- everything2

I'm getting lovely Fast Show flashbacks. 'You see Clive, Shakespeare is very much like making love to a beautiful woman....' [via]

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