Life "I cannot admit when I need help." I actually wrote something yesterday which I really meant to post but after thinking about it for two minutes decided not to. It may appear, but really I have to think about it some more because of the implications. Which is a tease I know, but it's not the content, but the tone. What it means rather than what it says. In the meantime, this girl encapsulates some of the things I want to say. Which is lucky. For me at least.

I've just been for walk around the park and literally saw the weather change from being quite pleasant really to so cold that jogs were stopped to a stroll and were actually slower than I am. A family were feeding the fowl at the lake and some of the geese were up on the bank literally ripping the bread from their hands. One or two of them trotted up towards me and glared at me, as though I was invading their space because I had the affrontary not to have food. I kept walking. One of them had shifty eyes.

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