Shakespeare "It has now been slightly over 24 hours since Big Damn Histories kicked off, and I am halfway through 1 Henry VI."

I've been meaning to post this since June. For her birthday weekend, Lea decided to watch a cycle of Shakespeare's Historicals using the 80s BBC productions. In one sitting. And blog the effects. The final tally probably tells most of the story:

Hours of sleep: 13.5
Total running time of marathon: 49.5 hours

As does the fact that I have to link to it like this...

Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four

Hardcore. Favourite comments:

"I think I sorta have a random crush on Bernard Hill, even though he has funny hair in this and he's playing a character with serious anger-management issues (he's the Duke of York)."

"When staging battle scenes, it is always nice to have the action occur within the frame rather than entirely on either side of it."

"I have just one thing to say about this production, and that is: how on earth did they manage to stretch out Henry V so that it is 37 hours long?"

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