There and back again.

Life The university have been randomly sending me literature about using their computer based self service registration system next year, which is odd and a concern because now that today I've put my dissertation in for binding, I was under the impresion that my course was over and my second academic career was coming to an end.

Even as I was printing the thing out I spotted the odd mistake that I had to go back and repair even having previously proofread it, on the screen, printed out and upside down. My hands shook as I handed it in over the hatch in the library and payed the binding charge, with questions flying through my brain -- what if I've missed something, made some major error, got the pagination wrong, how much will I be penalised because I've put a comma instead of a full stop in the bibliography?

Not much more I can do now, except to wander what I'm going to do next. Because I'm the kind of person who hasn't learned to multi-task very well, I've been concentrating on my dissertation over the summer and little else and now I'm at the abyss looking downwards. It's funny how it's ten years since I graduated last time and here I am again. I know it isn't quite the same because I have all those years of experience in a range of different jobs and I'm sure that there's a job out there that can take advantage of all my talents. Does the BFI run a call centre were people can call asking for on the spot film reviews?

Thought not.

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  1. Anonymous11:47 pm

    So what next ? Us regular readers need to know !!!