Fair's fair

Books In the afternoon I went to the book fair at St. Anne's Square in Manchester City Centre. Around twenty stalls from small publishers. Given that I literally have about a hundred books still to read I hadn't intended to buy anything, but then I noticed a small hardback book describing the history of theatre in Buxton, which because it is such a specific topic will probably be fascinating. I also bumped into one of Fani's old university friends and somehow managed to end up chatting to him about my dissertation. Of course he mentioned a film I hadn't thought of that would have proved one of my contentions after its finished and waiting to be bound. Of course he did. As I was passing into the cinema to see Betty Page afterwards I noticed a poster on the wall for new Australian film Look Both Ways which has a magazine quote that says something like 'Magnolia mixed with Crash and Six Feet Under'. So it's a hyperlink film then? Good job I mentioned it in my appendix...

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