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  • Clerks II: Back Behind The Counter
    Page that pulls together links to all of the 'Train Wreck' making of documentaries.
  • filmlog: Shadowlands (1993)
    Although the biographical details are simplified this remains a fascinating investigation of how a man later in years learns to love and express that love which gives some of us all kinds of hope.
  • filmlog: Into the Blue (2005)
    Just dreadful. Despite some spectacular diving scenes, sometimes you really do need more than the banal dialogue, one-note dialogue and listless plotting on offer here. Except for Sin City, has Jessica Alba been in anything good since Idlehands?
  • filmlog: The Family Stone (2005)
    One of the most surprising films I've ever seen. The trailers and UK advertising really, really missed the point. This is a funny, acerbic yet touching investigation into what makes a family function.
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