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  • Dave's Long Box: CIVIL WAAAAH! Marvel Comics, 2007
    Dave's take on Marvel Comic's Civil War arc. I haven't read a cross comic extravaganza since Inferno but this sounded interesting if a bit unwieldy. Remember the old days when it was the supervillains who were behind everything?
  • Liverpool Confidential: End of the line for Lewis's?
    Lewis's in Liverpool City Centre has gone into receivership. Shocking news really because as the linked article said it was once dubbed “the store that even Hitler couldn't kill”. What'll happen to the statue exceedingly bare?
  • Wikipedia: Ian Levine
    For some reason I never realised that the Ian Levine who saved many episodes of Doctor Who from the furnace is the same man who wrote and produced for Take That. Good lord.
  • Popjustice: Let's have a look at the new Avril CD
    Ugh! Although my love for Lavigne's first two cds has been described as 'dubious' this really looks like a step backwards. I mean that font. The hair. The clothes. The colour pink. Ugh!
  • filmlog: It's All About Love (2003)
    Tarkovsky meets Hitchcock at a dinner party given by Winterbottom and Twyker. It's daffy, it's extremely eccentric (flying Ugandans?) and runs out of steam towards the end but it's heart is in the right place and it's ravishing to look at.
  • filmlog: Pygmalion (1938)
    An utter joy. It's difficult to watch after being so enraptured by 'My Fair Lady' but it's still very much ahead of its time, particularly in editing and photography. Leslie Howard's Enry Iggins is a far crueler sod than Rex Harrison isn't he?
  • The A.V. Club reviews 'Ghost Rider'
    "Any potential the film had for making pop art in a contemporary manner is drained away by the familiar demands of second-tier action blockbusters." Damn. Though strangely unsurprising.
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