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  • Alternative Film Guide: STRAW DOGS (1971) by Sam Peckinpah: DVD Review -
    Takes the film critics and writers who appear on the commentary and extras to task for fundamentally misinterpreting and misinforming on most aspects of the work.
  • The A.V. Club Inventory: 13 sidekicks who are cooler than their heroes
    I can't disagree with most of these, although to be honest it's all part of the narrative technique -- the hero tends to be fairly bland so that the audience can identify with them whereas the sidekick needs to be the character to provide the missing colo
  • h2g2: The Anglo-Zanzibar War of 1896
    "This war is notable for the bizarre reason that it lasted just 38 minutes1. The Anglo-Zanzibar War was fought between the United Kingdom and Zanzibar on 27 August, 1896 between 9.02 and 9.40."
  • anna kiss: verse occurs
    "it happens that i am looking at my fingernails, / turning my head around, / humming to myself, / rubbing my hands through my hair and mussing it, / squinting and rubbing my head, urging the headache out,"
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