"Timelash"? Freakin' "TIMELASH"?!

TV To paraphrase All The President's Men, the fallout from the Timelash implications continues. One of the best rants so far is this meltdown from SFX's Ian Berriman:

""Timelash"?!? Not "The Seeds of Doom"? Or "Kinda"? Or "The Silurians"? Or "The Deadly Assassin"? Or even, if they simply must release a Colin Baker story (and god knows why, there can't be much demand...) "Attack of the Cybermen"? It'll be "The Twin Dilemma" and "Time and the Rani" next... If that happens, I'm organising a protest march. Who's with me?"

That link's worth visiting for the ensuing flame war. Elsewhere:

Simon: " Someone over at 2Entertain must be on crack."

: "Timelash includes the finest example of "I'll explain later" before Curse of the fatal death; tinsel is used to devastating effect; the Bandrils - everyone's favourite alien race discuss grain supplies or some other agrarian delight (I have tried to wipe it from memory); a plot device is used in relation to the episodes ubervillain The Borad which effectively ruins a much more explicable use of the same plot device in the following story - Saward's LOved One tribute, Revelation of the Daleks..."

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